Risk of injury and responsibilities

Since the kits offered and sold by boutiquekinatex.com may be used without the supervision of a Kinatex Sports Physio therapist, you are fully responsible for injuries, pain, or any short or long term impact on your physical health, mental recovery and recovery from the misuse or overuse of the equipment and products included in the kits.

Some products are accompanied by a manual or recommendations for use. We strongly encourage you to follow these recommendations, but under no circumstances can they replace the assessment of your condition with a health professional and/or a physiotherapist. We recommend that you have your condition assessed by a physiotherapist at a Kinatex Sports Physio near you, in order to set up a personalized rehabilitation program tailored to your condition. This will allow you to have a detailed plan of use for the products offered and recommended by the Kinatex Boutique and endorsed by your therapist.

Please note that if you choose to purchase a kit, you are also fully responsible for any injuries, pain, or any short or long-term impact on your physical, mental health and on your recovery due to the misuse or overuse of the equipment and products included in the kits.

By purchasing one of the kits offered by boutiquekinatex.com, you assume total responsibility for the use of the products offered and you release boutiquekinatex.com and all the companies making up the Kinatex Sports Physio banner from all responsibilities.